Kitty Burns Florey


My fifth novel, now available as an e-book
My "lost" 2001 novel, also available as an e-book
Raven's Eye Publishing, 2007
Berkley/Penguin, trade paper, 2004
Counterpoint Press, 2001; trade paper, Berkley Books, 2003

Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog

"Florey writes with verve about the nuns who taught her to render the English language as a mess of slanted lines, explains how diagrams work, and traces the bizarre history of the men who invented this odd pedagogical tool. And unlike so many of today's microhistorians, who seek to demonstrate how zippers, azaleas, or hopscotch explain the world, Florey is refreshingly content to recount her tale without any suggestion that the diagramming of sentences somehow illuminates the American character. It's a great read."
~ Slate, Julia Turner, senior editor