Kitty Burns Florey

Five Questions

I had a huge contract for this book, which is a bit of a pot-boiler, but the deal fell through, and Five Questions sank into a hole. It was hauled out and published as an ebook in 2001, and is now available (cheap!) as either a Kindle edition or as a POD paperback. Here's the publisher's blurb: "Wynn Tynan, a young woman growing up in rural Maine, has been raised by her parents to be an artist. When Wynn's idyllic life takes a brief wrong turn--she becomes pregnant as a teenager--her loving but dominating mother is determined that her goals remain intact, and with reluctance, Wynn gives the baby up for adoption. At art school in Boston, she meets Patrick Foss, a sculptor single-mindedly devoted to his work, and knows she has found the love of her life. But fate intervenes with a tragedy from her past, and Wynn's life descends into nightmare."