Kitty Burns Florey


Script and Scribble -- which, in the tradition of Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog, is part history, part memoir, and part examination of a fascinating bit of cultural history – really touched a nerve! The book prompted more than 50 interviews on everything from Air America (The Lionel Show) and NPR's Weekend Edition (with Liane Hansen) to radio stations in Wales, Ireland, England, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. (See above for an NPR one from Boston.) The book has been widely reviewed, both in print and on air. Michael Dirda in the (now sadly defunct) Washington Post Book World wrote, "Because [Florey] is witty and endearingly autobiographical (she includes illustrations from her third-grade writing workbook) the reader is happy to follow her into any byway of penmanship." New York magazine's reviewer said, "Certain vestigial urges have been awakened, deep in the muscles of my fingers and wrists, by Script and Scribble....Florey, a nun-educated 'scriptomaniac,' lovingly traces the history of handwriting [and] rounds up some fascinating arcana." Albert Mobilio in Bookforum said, "Florey makes a solid case for handwriting as a social indicator, and her affection for its art is thoughtful and aesthetically informed." For Maud Newton, in NPR's online Books We Like column, "Script and Scribble is "an unusual, compelling blend of retrospective, lamentation and advocacy." The Financial Times called it "a charming, illustrated eulogy." I've had a lot of fun writing and promoting this book and have met a lot of great people (and seen a lot of amazing handwriting). Thanks to all!